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Just a few funny theatre puns & stories to start the week.


When the great John Barrymore was still performing theatre, he did not take kindly to fools or hecklers. During a production of "Richard III", Barrymore said the famous line :"A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

Up in the balcony, a member of the audience thought he would be funny and a fake a loud whinny to mock the actor.

Barrymore ,hearing this, turned his gaze upward ,pointed and replied in appropriate iambic pentameter --

"Make haste, and saddle yonder braying ass!" .


A friend was in a theatre production about English language puns. It was a play on words.


Edmund Kean (4 November 1787 – 15 May 1833) was a celebrated British Shakespearean stage actor . However , he was a bit too fond of his drink. One time , Kean and a fellow actor got smashed before they were to go on in "Richard III." When Kean's "Now is the winter of our discontent" came out slurred, someone in the audience loudly noted that Kean was drunk. To which Kean replied, "If you think I'M drunk, wait till you see the Duke of Buckingham!"


An actor I know fell through the floor recently. It’s just a stage he was going through.


Friend of mine got fired as a set designer for not producing anything. He didn’t make a scene.


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One more humorous tale :

A man lays sprawled across three entire seats at a posh theatre. Before the show has even started, an usher walks by and notices the man.

“Sir, you're only allowed one seat, can you please sit up?" The man groans, but stays where he is. The usher becoming impatient with the man says "Sir, if you don't get up, I will need to get my manager involved" Again the man just groans, which infuriates the usher as he marches off to get the manager. In a few moments he returns with the manager and they both repeatedly attempt to move him, but with no success. It was at this point that the manager calls the police. Moments later, a police officer arrives and approaches the man, "alright buddy, what's your name?" "Sam" the man moans. "And where ya from Sam?" With pain in his voice Sam replied "the balcony"

Kevin G Shinnick

May 16,2022

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