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LION IN WINTER CAST & CREW Page 2 To Be Announced


Henry II, King of England -  cast

Queen Eleanor-    cast

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Richard 26. Identifies as Male. Warrior . Must be comfortable in a Bisexual Situation. Knife Fight scene. This is the future King Richard The Lionheart. Eleanor's favorite.

John   Identifies as Male.  Looking for older actor who can portray 16. Closest to comic relief in the show , but also must be able to portray willingness to betray anyone for power. Think spoilt child. Knife fight scene. This is the future King John .


Geoffrey  25 Identifies as Male. attractive, charming and has the strongest intellect of the family; he is also a cold, amoral schemer. He is suspected of being illegitimate & thus never considered to be the next king, so he wants John to be, as he easily manipulates him.  Knife fight scene.

Alais Capet   Identifies as Female. Alais (pronounced "Alice") Capet is the mistress of King Henry II of England and the sister of King Philip II of France. Alais is a beautiful twenty-three-year-old woman who has been Henry's mistress since she was sixteen years old. Partial nudity, sexual situation(kissing). At first a pawn, she realizes thanks to Eleanor the power her sexuality has in the political arena. 

Philip II, King of France. 18. Identifies as Male.  He has been King of France for three years. He is not initially as accomplished as Henry in manipulating people, but seems to acquire greater skills at this during the play. He is impressive and handsome without being pretty. Must be comfortable in a strong Bisexual Situation .

Equity & Non Equity actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds . Open Casting. AEA showcase. Play is an Historical Comedy Drama ,so  a good grasp of Period ,as well as clarity with dialogue is appreciated , as well as being comfortable with the sexual situations and violence within the period play .

Auditions for THE LION IN WINTER coming soon. Contact Kevin at


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