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Hallowe'en is a wonderful time for people to experience a bit of what it is like to


Some people put nearly a year into developing , creating and wearing their

cosplay creations .

Others will whip something up on the spot .

Plays can be like that too.

Some people will just throw a show up with little overall focus.

Others may take months and even years to develop every aspect of the production.

Sometimes the long term effort can still be uninvolving. A throw together can be imaginative

and successful. Sometimes the well developed piece dazzles with all of the myriad of details,

that you will visit it again to try and experience more. The toss together may show it in careless

and uninteresting .

I hope that our oft delayed production of LION IN WINTER is well worth your time to visit, and perhaps even revisit to pick up a lot of the little details that are being developed.

Indeed ,we hope you find us a delightful treat with no tricks.

Support Live Theatre.

You can make a SECURE donation to TETCNY via FRACTURED ATLAS

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