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In a previous post ( ) , I mentioned all the items we needed for the production of THE LION IN WINTER .

Now , the estimated total to create the world of Henry II & Queen Eleanor . Ready? $35,000 estimated

How can a fantasy land cost so much ?? Well, to run for 3 weeks under an actors equity agreement ,

we have to pay for RIGHTS : The production rights for most plays and musicals are held by play publishers (also known as "royalty houses") on behalf of the authors -- which means that you cannot produce a copyrighted play or musical without written permission and the payment of royalties for that production. COSTUMES a doing a period drama is far more expensive than a contemporary show . INSURANCE a requirement by the union SETS wood , paints & materials PROPS a proper period item helps creates the reality of the piece. TRANSPORT bringing items to & from the rehearsal & performances (not always in the same space) PRINTING PLAYBILLS & POSTERS* printing all those booklets & ads that give background to the show Crew Expenses hiring of house personel & specialty crews SPACE RENTAL a series of rehearsals possibly at one location, as performance spaces are often in use by other productions . The rehearsal spaes usually are just a room. Then , everything moves to the place where the event will happen before audiences, but some time is needed to set up the sets, place props ,& let cast & crew practice once or twice in the new enviornment. This may need some reblocking for new logistical reasons. Our estimated GRAND TOTAL $35,000 includes all of the above.

We hope we can cut expenses , but at present that is our goal. Producing a once upon a time story in NYC is expensive , & we truly need your help to make it happen .

Please consider donating to The Ensemble Theatre Company of New York (TETCNY) via the SECURE link from Fractured Atlas* , & thank you in advance . *FRACTURED ATLAS'S MISSION IS TO MAKE THE JOURNEY FROM INSPIRATION TO LIVING PRACTICE MORE ACCESSIBLE AND EQUITABLE FOR ARTISTS AND CREATIVES.

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