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LION In Wait

One of the Joys of creating theatre is the research. This is particularly important when you are doing an historical drama like James Goldman's THE LION IN WINTER .

There is a lot of material on the major players of the tale, not surprising when you realize that they were among the most powerful political figures of their time.

Then again , there are some odd gaps. For example, Eleonor of Acquitane's appearance. Contemporary accounts describe her as a great beauty. However , details are sketchy as to her exact appearance , even her hair color .

The assumption we have that she had auburn or red hair seems to come from a mural in the Church of Sainte Radegonde in Chinon (Chinon Castle being the setting of the play ).

However, we do have documents galore of her legal works , & even letters to various dignitaries and Popes. They show an intelligent strong willed woman able to defend her ideas & opinions . One wonders what she would think of our world today .

- Kevin G Shinnick

May 14, 2022

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