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LION & Half Truths

In our divided political world, we have gotten to levels of unbelievable toxic attitudes.

I myself enjoy a good political discourse, but I find many on the other side to be very angry and frankly tell only half truths.

Plus, if you do not take their comments seriously, they turn into howling loons, and try to hurt you.

A case in point :

This "person" here was obviously engaged in a debate with me. At some point, he must have started losing, and gotten quite crass.

He obviously didn't expect me to go to his level and make fun of his commentary.

Having no recollection of him , I think he gave up in frustration .

However, he thought he could hurt me by posting a negative comment/review upon the theatre page.

NOTICE: He makes no mention of the theatre , just that he doesn't like me personally.

NOTICE TOO: he edited out his comments. Why is that? Because it would damage his martyr status.

Now, he can criticize me personally all he likes. However, if he has not seen one of our shows, he should restrict his comments to that, and not to works by several hard working creatives.

THEN he can criticize my direction , acting, etcetra on this page.

I am not going to back down on my opinions.

I am also not going to let people try and bully without responding.

I am doubtful this "person" has ever been in a museum or theatre. I could be wrong.

That his comment was not visible to me due to FACEBOOK algorithms

until someone alerted me..ah well.

I am sure there will be others who will try the same. Basically, though, if they haven't seen a show, it is just mean spirited frustration on their part.


P.S. thank you Miss Patti Lupone for speaking up this week

-Kevin G Shinnick

May 13, 2022

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