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Thanks to the GENEROUS DONATIONS , we were one of the 20 special projects that was selected as a winner in the FRACTURED ATLAS SPRING MATCH . Each donation counted as an entry that would be drawn at random .

We raised $525 in a week and those donations led to our being picked by FRACTURED ATLAS.

That's correct , we now have raised $1525 thanks to the generosity of our donors and FRACTURED ATLAS .

We still need to raise a lot more , so if you would like to make a secure donation to

FRACTURED ATLAS provides tools to help artists achieve their goals . That includes FISCAL SPONSORSHIP as well as allowing people to make secure donations , and help keep track for us to thank the donors as well as reporting for taxes. It's a big help , let me tell you !

The amount that we raised should cover the costs of three major set pieces we need for THE LION IN WINTER, so that is a huge help at getting the show off the ground.

While we had hoped to do the play in late 2023, it now realistically seems it will be in early 2024. That will allow us more time to raise the needed money and all the various things one needs for a play . Unfortunately , the person who had promised to cover all costs had to step back, leaving us scrambling to fill in the gap .See the previous blog post below

A set back but as you can see, we will persevere , with the help of fantastic people who take the time to share our info . Reposting & sharing helps us get the word out , as at present we have no budget for advertising. Posts helped us get our wonderful donors , and hopefully will continue to do so.

People can also make in kind donations . That is donating needed costume pieces, material , etc . I may list what we need in a future blog post.

Keep the faith with us, and help keep LIVE THEATRE ALIVE !!!!


Kevin G Shinnick

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