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Day Two TETCNY /FRACTURED ATLAS Spring Match Campaign

Our Campaign got off to a wonderful start !

Thank you to those so far who have donated , and thank you to those who will donate by the end of the week.

It is only by such generosity that we will achieve our goal.

I will keep updating as the day goes on , to thank those who believe in keeping


Our TARGET GOAL is to achieve $1,000 before Friday ,March 26, 2023 by 11:59 pm.

That would only require FIFTY people making a secure donation of just $20 or more to TETCNY via Fractured Atlas.

We can make MORE than that , of course, but the Spring Match Campaign has a limit of $1000.

Should we hit our goal , and Fractured Atlas chooses TETCNY as one of the 20 sponsored projects for the Match Campaign , that would DOUBLE the amount . That amount would pay for our set ,which is a major expense of any play, particularly one set in Medieval France in a castle .

-Kevin G Shinnick



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