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Cruel WINTER This Summer

As I had mentioned in a previous post , several of the once reliable theatres for Off & Off Off Broadway had become victims to the pandemic.

Sadly ,one more may soon be added, leaving it's proprietors also homeless at the same time.

67 year old Lorcan Otway & his wife Genie may lose their home & their theatre with one blow.

They are the second generation owners of the Theatre 80 St Mark's in the village. Otway's parents started the theatre , where shows such as YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN began.

Performers like Gary Burghoff and even Billy Crystal got their starts there.

For many years it changed into a film revival house , before once again changing back into a performing space.

Now, unless some deep pocketed art council or millionaire decides to finance the family, they will be out on the streets and another part of NY Cultural History will be allowed to vanish.

Kevin G Shinnick

May 23 , 2022

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