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The changes in the theatrical landscape has made it more difficult to produce plays.

As stated previously, since March 2020, COVID and it's variants have played havoc with the entire world.

Tourism is still low, many shops & businesses are shuttered , and now new outbreaks of COVID variants are breaking out.

That said, we have survived other outbreaks. This one may take longer due to those who refuse to accept scientific facts for whatever reason.

We shall, however, get past this. Businesses will return, tourism will return, and theatre will return to equal strength that it had prior.

We have seen how much people need storytelling. When unable to leave, they went to the internet and streaming.

In Ukraine, even under the most horrendous conditions,

people sang.

Music echoed .

Artists are creating , reflecting the world they are experiencing and what they want.

Art stirs the soul and when things get dark we need it as much, if not more , as when things are going well.

Let us look forward to a certain return to normalcy .

Kevin G Shinnick

(May 16,2022)

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