Why Do You Need So Much Money ?

That is often the first thing people say when one is trying to put on a play.

For those who never have done it , it is understandable. They only see the end results-the finished work . They have not seen the months and sometimes years that have gone into making the words on a printed page come to life upon a stage ,or wherever one is performing.

They do not see the long hours of study, design, discussion ,bickering ,building, rehearsing , nor the group of people who work both on and off stage. The set crew, costumers, lighting, sound, prop, tech people galore, the directors, assistants -all the people who work on the production .

They encounter the box office and ushers and concessions people but few realize that they are often giving up their free time so that the audience can have as magical evening as possible .

They only see the actors, giving the best that they can to convince you that what is happening is as real as possible.

Which , in the end, is how it should be . All have worked very hard to make the story presented as entertaining and as engrossing as possible.

However, for those who are asked by the groups to donate or sponsor a production , it is a very good question : WHY DO YOU NEED SO MUCH MONEY?

In follow up blogs, I will try and fill in such details as to where the money goes ,the story of a production ,the headaches ,heartaches and the pure joy of creation .

One thing I can guarantee- no one is getting rich by working on the show . We do it because we feel that Art is important , that our combined talents can hold an audience spellbound through the course of time the piece runs. It is a way for us all to tests our skills and develop our crafts.

We hope that our supporters ,donors , and sponsors agree.

-Kevin G Shinnick

contact : TETCNY@gmail.com


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