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It was The Best of LIONS, It was the Worst of Lions

Well, it as been awhile since we updated about the progress on our production of THE LION IN WINTER.

We began the year with very positive energy . We ordered props and some costume pieces, had approached the rights holder as well as a theatre to book space for MAY, 2023.

Then the theatre gods felt things were going too well, and our producer got seriously ill, requiring surgery. He has been spending his time recovering and getting himself to the place he needs to be.

That said, the production suddenly ground to a halt. The performance space sadly had to notified of what happened, and the rights holders as well. The May production had to be cancelled.

We are unsure what will happen with our investor/producer. It is important that he heals. That said, as the old bromide goes, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

While upsetting, this happens to even major productions, even on Broadway .

The production of ROOM that was supposed to start TODAY (April 3rd,2023) on Broadway at the James Earl Jones Theatre was cancelled . Click on photo to read the Variety article about the events.

Unlike Broadway, we do not need to raise Millions to put on a production , but the amount is still considerable, considering the period of the play requires special costumes, props,etc.

Therefore , we are back to trying to raise funds, and trying to see where we can cut costs. The space we wanted may be too expensive but luckily we are exploring less pricey venues that would work for our Medieval world of 1183.

It is disappointing to be sure, but anything worth doing is worth the effort, and we feel out ideas for the play of THE LION IN WINTER will be worth it.

I would like to thank Actors Equity and Fractured Atlas for their patience and help.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. Anyone else who wishes to make a SECURE donation , may do so via FRACTURED ATLAS at



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